Our training takes place In-Home, meaning we travel to you, as well as at our location near Auburn, Indiana. Pricing for training varies depending on your location and the exact mileage needed to get to you, as well as the package we conclude fits your family best. 


We focus on a balanced training approach that provides marking cues to communicate clearly what we are asking for when the dog is on the right or wrong track. Customizing each training experience to the dog and family in front of us. There is never one answer to getting the behaviors you desire! 

Puppy 101

Adding an new friend to the pack is exciting and stressful at the same time! Puppy 101 focuses on essential skill sets and leadership to be established between 8 weeks old up to 6 months old! Working on material such as potty training, teething, play biting, jumping, crate training, sit, down, come, leash manners foundation, their name, diet/health, and so much more!

Pricing starting at $150

2 Week Stay & Learn


For two weeks, your pup will be thriving during their learning stay-cation here on my property! My goal is to provide you with reliable training, confidence in all situations, and comfort while your pet is away. We strive in our consistent reputation of treating your pet as family and one of my own. Our Stay & Learn program focuses on teaching your pet basic and advanced obedience in a two week frame away from your home. You are expected to attend two training classes during this time frame. During their time with me, they will be let out for potty breaks, have 6-8 times a day of one on one training sessions, free play time, as well as structured play time. I only take one dog on at a time so they get the individualized training attention necessary to ensure they get the most out of their time with us! This also reduces stress of having multiple dogs in one area. My three personal dogs will be used daily as distractions along with going for Field Trips to stores, parks, etc. All training is customized to what goals you have ranging from being a balanced house pet, going camping, being taken along for hikes, and so on!

Pricing starting at $1, 895

Day Training

Our NEW Day Training Program gives dogs eligible the opportunity to spend the day with me and my four legged crew! They will be part of our daily routine, spend time indoors and outdoors, along with having built in training time to help sharpen their skills! Dogs must have already completed a minimum of 2 lessons with us unless discussed and evaluated otherwise. Each visit will be different and can be customized to specific skills you're needing refreshers on! 

During this time, care can be given as well such as feeding meals or administering medications. Basic material like leash manners, sit, down, place, off, and come will be worked on. Along with play times, crate breaks, and relax time. 


Pricing starting at $45

Basic Obedience

Do you dream of a dog that you can take vacations with, that is reliable around guests and even off leash? In our basic obedience, we work on leash manners, manners with guests (jumping, barking, whining, personal space), off leash freedom, and more!


Pricing starting at $185

Behavioral Modification

We are here to help you build an understanding for behaviors your dog is displaying, building trust, and most importantly reliability. Aggression with people, other dogs or animals, fear, anxiety, destructive behaviors, etc.

Pricing starting at $195

In-Home Pet Care

Allowing your pet to stay in the comfort of your own home while having the reliabilty of us coming over for scheduled visits!


Pricing starting at $15

Online Training

Our adult lives have a very fast pace and it can often be challenging to find time to travel places with your dogs to train or to have time for a trainer to come to you. Our online courses provide you with video demonstrations, documents, and many topics to customize depending on what you're needing assistance with!


Pricing starting at $65

K9 Family Treks!

Join us on our group treks/walks to help socalize your dogs, work on training around distractions, practice handling skills, learn new and fun engagemnt games, and so much more! Our schedules are posted on Instagram and Facebook. Treks take place as weather abides and are FREE!

Trick Training

Tricks are a great way to teach you further handling skills, but also provide your pup with a great outlet of mental stimulation...while looking cool! Offering four levels of tricks that advance with skill set and customizing them to your wants! Ranging from rolling out a rug, turning the light off, speak, object retrieval, and so much more!


Pricing starting at $150

CGC Evaluation (Coming Soon!)

Canine Good Citizen aka CGC, is a title that can be earned with your dog that works on establishing foundational skills for a well mannered dog!


Pricing starting at $105

Phone/Zoom Trouble Shooting

Needing guidance on just a few topics, trouble shooting a behavior, needing shown exactly how to do something with your dog? A phone call or Zoom video call can provide you with just that!


Pricing Starting at $90

Kearstin Osborne is the owner and head trainer at My K-9 Trainer, LLC. She is certified through That's My Dog! and takes pride in always continuing her education and knowledge she can share with you! She has three personal dogs, two Dobermans & a German Shepherd! Kearstin practices and competes her dogs in personal protection, dock diving, trick training, scent work, agility, and more! Every dog is unique, has their own learning style, and that is precisely her favorite part of training; no two dogs are the same!

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